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    Developing brands that deliver on taste, appearance and quality, we strive to offer you the best products in class, with the added peace of mind of consistency, ease of use and value.

    The result is five great brands, all under one roof.



    1Satisfying Your Customers


    With 8 billion meals served every year out of home in the UK, we appreciate how important it is to offer consumers the right choice of quality, convenience and value. Through our extensive insight and consumer research, we are devoted to developing products that enhance the consumer’s experience.



    2Evolving Your Menu


    To maximise your menu’s consumer appeal, differentiation is key. Kerry’s foodservice expertise offers the best solutions to add interest and value to your menu, allowing you to create a signature style and keeping customers coming back time and time again.



    3Understanding Your Needs


    We are committed to helping our customers add value and profitability to their menus, supporting their business at the very core; in an ever competitive market place we understand that ingredients need to deliver on cost, as well as quality.



    4Your Foodservice Partners


    With a portfolio of foodservice specific brands, Kerry has the best credentials to partner with you and support your business, whether an independent caterer or a national chain business across a diverse range of out of home channels.



Our Brands

BigTrain BW DVG BW Golden BW Kerrymaid BW Margetts BW Margetts BW